Vaginal Smell

Treating Vaginal Smell with A Healthy Diet

Vagina smell always becomes something very embarrassing and irritating for the majority of women who suffer from such a complaint. As a matter of fact, this particular Vaginal Smell that is caused by BV – which stands for Bacteria Vaginosis – can come in various different levels. If the BV is in the mild level and it only comes with mild symptoms such as itching, then, the complaint could be solved with a number of natural treatments and habit change. Nearly all women think that such a Vaginal Smell is only caused by poor hygiene or bacteria, but actually it is also related to their eating habit. However, we have to realize the fact that every woman is unique and one treatment may work well for one woman, but it is not worked well for another. Therefore, there is not a single formula that can solve all Vaginal Smell problems. However, changing the habit such as our eating habit is able to give a significant change on the particular problem. The following are some of the diet and nutrition we need to prevent and cure Vaginal Smell.


Diet on Fat Intake and Saturated Fat to Prevent and Cure Vaginal Smell

When we learn from a Vaginal Smellresearch, the consumption of saturated fat is affecting the risk of BV. It is said that the higher saturated fat in our body, the higher risk we have to get BV and this simply means that we have a bigger risk to get severe BV. We all realize that saturated fat is having multiple risks on our body. Not only will it reduce the

vaginal smell

vaginal smell

immune system around the vagina, but change the vagina pH as well. Such a condition is so bad since it can be the perfect circumstance for vaginosis bacteria to grow. Saturated fat can be found in foods like red meat, full fat milk, cakes, cheese, biscuits and a lot more. Eliminating these foods from our diet will be the first step to prevent and solve Vaginal Smell. A fat alternative to consume is monounsaturated fat that can be richly found in olive oil, vegetable oils, tea seed oil, and canola oil. They have smaller effect on triggering the BV growth. You may also want to know that fats contained in banana, fish, and whole grain wheat has zero effect to Vaginal Smell. Therefore, if we want to get free from Vaginal Smell, make sure that we cut down the saturated fat consumption.


Vaginal Smell Treatment with Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known for its ability to enhance the immunity related to Vaginal Smell. Based on a study, people who are taking vitamin E are having lower risk on the infection than those who are not taking the vitamin. Vitamin E can work perfectly to treat Vaginal Smell if it is consumed together with vitamin A and C, zinc and iron. However, among all the vitamins and compounds, vitamin E is the one that has significant effect on BV. Women who are having low consumption on vitamin E are having high risk on BV that cause Vaginal Smell. The recommended vitamin E intake is 22 IU to 1,000 IU per day. We can take vitamin E supplement to treat Vaginal Smell, but it will be great if we are consuming foods which are rich in vitamin E such as avocado, kiwi, spinach, bokchoy, broccoli and some others.


Folic Acid Intake for Vaginal Smell Treatment

To treat Vaginal Smell (how to get rid of vaginal odor), we are recommended to increase our folic acid consumption. Consuming folic acid will give us multiple benefits, beyond Vaginal Smell treatment. High folic acid in the body is able to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and some other disease. It will also prevent neurological defect in unborn child. Folic acid role on Vaginal Smell is by increasing the immunity. Women who are consuming low folic acid is having more risk on BV. When combined with natural remedies, folic acid tablets are able to sure BV effectively. The recommended folic acid sources are asparagus, great northern beans, spinach, green peas, black-eyes peas, avocado, broccoli and beef liver. With the habit change and food intake reconstruction, we will be able to apply the most natural treatment for Vaginal Smell.

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